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Sensitivities of Prospective Future e+e- Colliders to Decoupled New Physics J. Ellis and T. You T. You

arXiv 1503.01325; JHEP04(2015), 182;  DOI: 10.1007/JHEP04(2015)182

Top-quark electroweak couplings at the FCC-ee P. Janot P. Janot

CERN Document Server

Status of the FCC-ee Interaction Region Design R. Martin, R. Tomas Garcia, L. Medina

arXiv 1412.2928

Precision Electroweak Measurements at FCC-ee R. Tenchini R. Tenchini

arXiv:1411.5230v2 [hep-ex]

Search for Heavy Right Handed Neutrinos at the FCC-ee A. Blondel, E. Graverini, N. Serra, M. Shaposhnikov A. Blondel

arXiv 1411.5606

Higgs measurement at e+e- circular colliders M. Ruan M. Ruan

IPAC 2014

FCC-ee Final Focus with Chromaticity Correction H. Garcia, L. Medina, R. Tomás

IPAC 2014

Beam-machine Interaction at TLEP: First Evaluation and Mitigation of the Synchrotron Radiation Impact L. Lari, F. Cerutti, A. Mereghetti

IPAC 2014

Interaction Region Lattice for FCC-ee (TLEP) A. Bogomyagkov, E. Levichev, P. Piminov

IPAC 2014

FCC-ee/CepC Beam-beam Simulations with Beamstrahlung K. Ohmi, F. Zimmermann