Archive - Highlights

  • : Academic Training lecture: Perspective for a future circular collider, FCC-ee

    Check out the slides and the recording of this lively lecture here.

  • : Article in the CERN Courrier

    The FCC-ee mini-workshop on the strong coupling constant (alpha_s) is featured in the CERN Courrier and in the CERN/PH news this month ! You can browse the very interesting presentations in the corresponding indico agenda.

  • : FCC Week 2015 is over

    The first annual meeting of this visionary study marked a milestone of the first exploratory study phase. 340 participants and 290 contributions from all domains of the study gave impressive evidence of the progress achieved and the challenges ahead. 

  • : FCC Weeek 2015

    One year after the FCC kick-off meeting, the first annual meeting of the Future Circular Collider study is taking place in Washington on the 23rd-27th March. The purpose is to conclude the first exploratory phase and identify the baseline for the further study. Don't miss this very important milestone!

  • : Call to register for our next workshop!

    Join us for the 9th FCC-ee Physics Workshop, taking place at Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa) on the 3th-5th February 2015. Registrations are open here.

  • : Next workshop coming up!

    The 8th FCC-ee Physics Workshop is taking plate at the LPNHE (Paris) from the 27th to the 29th October. Check out the poster and the agenda and jump in!