The FCC-ee (TLEP)

A 90-400 GeV high-precision e+e- collider

The study of the FCC-ee (a.k.a. TLEP) provides an intermediate step in the 80-100 km ring towards the long term goal of the FCCs.  It is a high-luminosity, high-precision e+e- storage ring with up to four interaction points. Together with the FCC-hh, it implements the following statement of the European Strategy document approved by the CERN Council in May 2013:

"There is a strong scientific case for an electron-positron collider, complementary to the LHC, that can study the properties of the Higgs boson and other particles with unprecedented precision and whose energy can be upgraded."

Preliminary parameters for FCC-ee (TLEP) are listed in this document, and summarized in the table below.