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  • : New physics conveners

    Ayres Freitas (Precision Calculations), Matthew McCullough (BSM Models) and Freya Blekmann (Top-quark properties) have joined the physics coordination group. Welcome Freya, Ayres and Matthew!

  • : FCC-ee featured in Spanish and French main media

    The FCC-ee concept drew the attention of two of the main high-circulation newspapers in Spain and France. Read the articles that appeared in El Pais and Le Monde (p. 5). 

  • : CERN's Director for Accelerators and Technology talks about FCC

    Frederick Bordry will introduce the general public to the feasibility of designing, building and operating the FCC, as well as the different machine options (hh,ee,he), at the CERN Globe on the 11th March. Registration is mandatory here.

  • : Happy birthday FCC-ee!

    Three years ago today, we submitted our first paper on A High Luminosity e+e- Collider in the LHC tunnel to study the Higgs Boson. The numbers have changed, but our ambitious spirit remains the same. May you have many more, FCC-ee!

  • : Did you miss the 8th FCC-ee Physics Workshop?

    Read the review of the progresses made in Paris and the status of the FCC-ee collaboration. Stay tunned for our next workshop coming up in Febuary!

  • : New twiki pages

    A set of twiki pages have been created for the FCC-ee study group in order to gather all technical progresses in the different working groups.