Physics Performance

The main information page for the Physics Performance Work Package, with the list of "case studies" (ongoing and open) and instructions about MC datasets and analysis tools,  is maintained in our dedicated GitHub repository. 


  • Master and bachelor theses

    • Leila Freitag, Benefits of Minimizing the Vertex Detector Material Budget at the FCC-ee, University of Zurich, 2023

    • Nico Harringer: Probing the Higgs sector at FCC-ee, 2022, ETH Zurich & Institut Polytechnique de Paris

    • Leonardo Toffolin: Feasibility study for the measurement of the angular asymmetry in the production of a bottom quark-antiquark pair in electron-positron collisions with a center-of-mass energy of 91 GeV at the future accelerator FCC-ee at CERN, 2022, Trieste

    • Tanishq Sharma: Phenomenology of Dirac and Majorana type Heavy Neutral Leptons and their searches at the FCC-ee, Geneva, 2022

    • Lovisa Rygaard: Long-Lived Heavy Neutral Leptons at the FCC-ee, 2022, Uppsala

    • Nathan Lorber: Tracker geometry optimisation and Tracking performance at the FCC, 2021, University of Strasbourg

    • Julie Torndal: A study of top anomalous couplings at a future e+e- collider, 2021, Copenhagen

    • Kunal Gautam: Flavour Identification techniques, 2020, Copenhagen

    • Rohini Sengupta: Towards Vertexing Studies of Heavy Neutral Leptons with the Future Circular Collider at CERN, 2021, Uppsala

    • Sissel Bay Nielsen: Prospects of sterile neutrino search with the FCC-ww, 2017, Copenhagen


  • PhD theses

    • Marina BĂ©guin: Calorimetry and W mass measurement for future experiments, Dec 2019, UniversitĂ© de Paris-Saclay